AGI TRAMCO: a complete line of industrial conveyors


Exceptional engineering and versatility, AGI TRAMCO Conveyors are designed to perform.

AGI Tramco offers a complete line of industrial conveyors designed and fabricated to handle a variety of materials and suitable for multiple industries. AGI Tramco’s engineered-to-order conveyors are highly customizable and can accommodate unique plant layouts. It is these qualities that have gained AGI Tramco widespread acclaim. With increased demand for safety, rugged construction standards, and design flexibility, firms continue to look to AGI Tramco for their bulk-material handling solutions.

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting conveyors such as material properties, capacity, and the specific operating conditions. AGI Tramco products provide robust solutions for bulk material handling ranging from delicate products like whole grains and pellets to extreme heavy-duty materials like coal and aggregate. Every AGI Tramco conveyor is specifically designed to meet the customer’s various requirements with the right conveying solution.

AGI recently supplied the material handling equipment for a pea protein processing plant in the United States. AGI Tramco supplied a Bulk-Flo™ L-Path conveyor with multiple inlets for rail receiving, a long Bulk-Flo L-Path conveyor with a discharge height of 8 metres and a short Model G™ conveyor to transfer peas from rail receiving. A Model G™ conveyor with multiple discharges is used to fill several hopper-bottom storage tanks. A Bulk-Flo™ S-Path conveyor with a discharge height of 16.7 metres is used to reclaim the pea storage hopper tanks and to transfer them to the processing plant. All conveyors were specified as food-grade.

AGI Tramco conveyors can work as part of a complete material handling solution of chain conveyors, bucket elevators, and enclosed belt conveyors or individually, as the customer requires. AGI Tramco conveyors are designed and engineered for success regardless of the application: from simple grain or bulk material handling to more complex applications in oilseed processing plants. A proven combination of engineering, component selection, and manufacturing makes AGI Tramco conveyors the first choice in bulk material handling applications whether it is the Model RB™, Bulk-Flo™ or Model G™ conveyor.

The AGI Tramco Model RB™ round-bottom conveyor is specifically designed for the handling of soft stock or materials that are easily crumbled or broken, such as seed, feed, pellets, and other fragile materials. All components are jig welded to ensure their interchangeability and are checked for precise fit by the strict AGI Tramco 100% inspection policy. The Model RB™ is built standard with 10-gauge construction. Our "total quality process" means that customers can rely on years of quiet, trouble-free performance from the AGI Tramco Model RB™ Conveyor.

The AGI Tramco Bulk-Flo™ is a heavy-duty divided-pan chain conveyor that can easily handle the most challenging materials such as wet and sticky products, changing material sizes and densities, and abrasive or corrosive materials. Offering a wide variety of possible configurations, the Bulk-Flo™ can tackle inclines up to 90 degrees, support multiple inlets and outlets and curved conveying applications. The AGI Tramco Bulk-Flo™ can be designed in LPath, S-Path, Loop or Closed-Circuit configurations. When space is limited and product elevation is required, the Bulk-Flo™ chain conveyor is the most reliable and ideal choice for transporting bulk products.

The AGI Tramco Model G™ is frequently used in such industries as chemical, coal, food, grain, biomass, ethanol, municipal solid waste, mining, plastic, paper, pulp, and rubber. The Model G™ En-Masse Conveyor is designed to handle the most extreme applications ensuring uncomplicated solutions for years. All conveyor sections are pre-assembled on a level 215ft fixture, match-marked and dowel-pinned aligned for field assembly. Intermediate sections can be assembled and shipped in multiples of up to 40 ft. lengths to save installation time in the field.

The Model RB™, Bulk-Flo™ or Model G™ all possess versatility that is unmatched and is designed to perform and handle various applications and industries such as:

Grain Handling | Ethanol Production | Animal Feed | Grain Milling | Oilseed Processing
Food Processing | Brewing & Malting | Distilling | Rendering | Biomass | Aggregate

The unsurpassed quality and rugged construction of AGI Tramco conveyors series assures years of dependable service even in the most severe conditions.