AGI SureTrack BinCheck®


Designed to Deliver Simplicity

Easy on-site access without an internet connection. While at your bin site, get live temperature and moisture readings using the BinCheck® Bluetooth® app on your smartphone. The data is shown in easy-to-read tables, helping you decide when to run the fans and heaters to keep your grain in condition. Read up to eight cables per bin and sync multiple bins with BinCheck on the app.


Bluetooth Connection

Using Bluetooth and a smart device, easily connect to BinCheck’s digital platform to assess multiple on-site bins for a real-time view of how your grain is performing.

Easy Installation

From cables to connection, the BinCheck is quick and simple to install. An AGI SureTrack® certified installer will install your cables, internally or externally, based on manufacturer guidelines. All BinCheck hardware is locally mounted to communicate the readings from the bin. Once hardware is in place, simply download the BinCheck application to your Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet to easily access your bin management data.

Zero-Entry Grain Bin Monitoring

Never compromise safety with BinCheck’s zero-entry management. BinCheck keeps your grain in condition while keeping you out of your bin by managing the moisture and temperature changes that create bridges, grain walls and spoilage.

Multi-Function Sensors

Most cables on the market only provide temperature readings—telling only a fraction of the story. Under the correct moisture levels, higher stored-grain temperatures don’t present a problem. However, high stored-grain temperatures combined with high moisture content spells disaster. BinCheck offers both moisture and temperature readings, on all 3G Cable sensors—providing you with the information needed to make the data-driven decisions that separate the black ink from the red ink and maximize your grain storage profitability.

Multi-Bin Reporting

The network allows multiple bins in an operation to communicate to the BinCheck app at one time.

24/7 Support

AGI SureTrack customer service coaches are trained and ready to help you understand and operate your SureTrack equipment. Experience less downtime when you know you can count on a responsive support team.

Two Year Warranty

SureTrack hardware is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions for a period of two years, to keep your facility running smoothly.


Maximize Profit

Keep your grain in peak condition to ensure you capture maximum profit.

Increase Efficiency

Run fans, dryers and heaters only when necessary; save on runtime costs.

Preserve Quality

Only system that is proven to achieve target moisture levels, while preserving protein, oil and starch contents