AGI SureTrack BinCheck® Deluxe


Maximize Your Profits with BinCheck® Deluxe

Protecting Your Investment Means Knowing What’s Going On Inside Your Bin

BinCheck® Deluxe is one of the bin monitoring solutions offered through AGI SureTrack®. BinCheck Deluxe provides easy-to-use grain bin monitoring with precise reporting on moisture and temperature levels of stored grain. With integrated hardware and software, BinCheck Deluxe provides a seamless grain bin monitoring experience. The AGI SureTrack online reporting tool brings data to your fingertips, allowing you to see what’s going on inside your bin through user-friendly charts, graphs and 3D visuals. Combine this with industry-leading customer support and you have the ultimate grain bin monitoring system to help you maximize your profits.



Free Grain Testing

Learn the exact EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) settings needed to preserve and condition your grain by submitting a composite grain sample from the bin or bins that BinCheck Deluxe is equipped to monitor.

Data Intelligence

Hourly temperature and moisture data readings are taken by the cables to continually monitor grain condition — viewable from anywhere at anytime.

Retrofit With Existing Cables

BinCheck Deluxe can accurately monitor grain regardless of cable brand being used in your bin.


Grain Reporting Your Way

Choose how you visualize temperature and moisture data. Using AGI SureTrack’s online software, view your choice of charts, graphs and 3D models as it relates to time, weather and performance so you can make informed decisions.

Complete Farm Management

BinCheck Deluxe is part of the integrated AGI SureTrack equipment and software system, allowing you to grow, manage and market grain with more efficiency and profit.

Grain Bin Monitoring AND Safety

Zero-entry monitoring means you don’t have to compromise your safety. Safely monitor the temperature and moisture levels of stored grain without having to go inside the bin.