Production Welder




Winnipeg, Manitoba

Job Department


To apply for this position, please send your resume to Please use the job title as the subject line for reference.


Position Summary:


Reporting to a Production Supervisor, a Production Welder is responsible for setting up and operating a MIG welding machine

Key Accountabilities:

·      Takes and passes welding tests required to meet shop quality and Quality Control requirements, hydrostatic, radiographic or equivalent tests.

·      Receives instructions from Supervisor, Lead hand or Group Leader.

·      Prepares work area, selects specified welding materials, and makes settings on welding equipment in accordance with approved welding procedures.

·      Manually brings material to and from the work area.

·      Performs manual and/or automatic electric arc welding to make lap, filet, butt, or edge welds to meet shop quality requirements.

·      Removes slag and spatter from finished welds.

·      Applies anti-spatter spray/compound to work when required.

·      Handles, positions, and assembles component parts of assemblies when required.

·      Flame cuts with oxy-acetylene torch as required.

·      Takes accurate count of production pieces and inputs into barcode accordingly.

·      Records all data as required by Quality Control.

·      Reports, before welding, defective fit up, broken tacks, etc.

·      Notes and reports defects in materials, tools and equipment.

·      Observes all safety rules, policies and procedures


·      Must have 1GF transferrable CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification