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Closing: April 30, 2020

Posted: March 19, 2020


Clay Center, Kansas

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To apply for this position, please send your resume to Please use the job title as the subject line for reference.


The Opportunity

AGI is in search of a new General Manager to take over for the retiring leader of the business.  This GM will report to AGI’s Farm Products Group and will be charged with equipping the business to meet the current and future demands of the customer and laying out a strategic roadmap to grow the business both domestically and abroad.  This leader will develop a strong team, create a culture of performance, continuous improvement and commitment to the customer, drive operational excellence, and set out a product development road map that will make the company the solutions provider of choice within the industry.

The Team

 Reporting to the General Manager are the following direct reports:

  • Production Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Controller

In turn the General Manager reports to the Senior Director for Ag Growth’s Farm Products.  In total, Hutchinson Mayrath employs roughly 160 full time employees today.


The General Manager, with full profit and loss responsibility, will lead the Hutchinson Mayrath team in developing and executing the strategic plan to drive continued revenue growth and increased profitability.  More specifically, the General Manager will:

  • Establish and communicate short and long-range goals, objectives and policies.
  • Develop a cohesive and high-performance leadership team with a high level of commitment to cross-functional cooperation.
  • Create and drive a world-class and lean manufacturing operation and promote an organizational mindset of process-orientation and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Create an environment of financial rigor and clear metrics and ensure that corrective actions are taken when financial performance lags.
  • Assess strength and growth potential of current product lines and make intelligent investments in high growth areas.
  • Utilize voice of customer as well as market and competitive analysis to identify product line gaps and opportunities for innovation and develop/drive a product development road map to seize these opportunities.
  • Manage the company’s supply chain strategically, searching for opportunities to leverage supplier capabilities in complex applications and to take cost out of products without sacrificing quality and functionality.
  • Mentor the staff to ensure leadership and technical development while ensuring development plans exist and are executed.
  • Develop a mindset of driving costs out of the business while raising the bar on quality and delivery through more consistent processes.
  • Lead the team, providing a supportive environment, information, guidance, direction and authority to ensure execution of operating plans in accordance with the company’s strategy and objectives.
  • Review the overall business results, comparing them to established objectives, and taking steps to correct unsatisfactory results.
  • Partner with other AGI brands to seize joint business development opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain an effective system of communication throughout the organization
  • Create a culture that values intelligent risk taking, people development and engagement, while constantly driving for performance
  • Represent the business with major customers, stakeholders, at trade events, and in the community.


Candidates for the General Manager will:

  • Possess superior business leadership acumen, ideally coupled with an engineering, business or related undergraduate degree.
  • Have demonstrated achievements in providing leadership for a complex manufacturing enterprise.
  • Have a proven history of improving operational efficiencies and profitability within a complex manufacturing environment through process rather than brute force.
  • Have strong belief in people development, creating an engaged and high-performance work culture.
  • Have solid marketing capabilities, with a good understanding of market segmentation, product line profitability analysis, and new product development.
  • Have demonstrated experience and knowledge of financial statements, and how to read and interpret them.
  • Have a proven history of managing a complex sales and distribution network.
  • Have recruited, developed and retained a talented and energetic leadership team.
  • Be as comfortable in the plant as on a sales call.
  • Be well organized and a user of intelligent metrics.
  • Be considered a hands-on leader who loves to engage at all levels and can get in the details, but who at the same time understands how to delegate.


The Personal Characteristics

The General Manager will be characterized by the following traits:

  • Results Oriented – is focused on results with a high sense of urgency, zeroing in on the critical few issues and pushing self and others to get the job done.
  • Passionate & Energetic – is a self-starter with a high level of engagement with and enthusiasm for the business.
  • Customer Focused – passionately committed to delighting the customer, exceeding their expectations and creating win-win agreements between the company and the customer.
  • Fluid & Flexible – able to adapt to changing business conditions with ease and effectiveness.
  • Trust Building – takes time to get to know the organization, invests in relationships and keeps commitments in order to build mutual trust.
  • Courageous – willing to make the tough call for the sake of what’s best for the business and not afraid to drive needed change even when resistance is strong. Comfortable offering fresh perspectives from an outside point of view.
  • Creative – enjoys confronting challenges and exploring opportunities and is able to think differently about solutions and courses of action. Sees things from multiple angles and can identify new revenue streams and opportunities for increased profitability. 
  • Risk Taking – will move the business beyond its comfort zone when the facts indicate that it is the right thing to do.
  • Intellectually Agile – possesses intellectual agility, dealing comfortably and quickly with complex business issues, and is able to engage effectively on a broad range of topics.

Ideally, candidates will be comfortable, through either professional or personal experience, working in the agricultural market segment, but this is most certainly not a requirement.

About AGI

AGI is a global food infrastructure company publicly traded in Canada. With over 3,800 employees and over 30 global manufacturing brands, AGI is a leading provider of equipment and technology solutions for agricultural commodities including seed, fertilizer, grain and feed systems and an expanding platform for food processing facilities.

Today, AGI’s product portfolio also includes cutting edge solutions that leverage IoT enabled devices, sensor technology and cloud computing.  The AGI SureTrack product is an independent hardware and software platform that brings together data across the farm, in real time, and provides customers with the ability to manage their crop production, manage their overall business, and market their grain based on content and robust traceability.  With a customer base that includes Growers, Ag Retail, Grain Buyers and Food Processors, AGI SureTrack is an independent farm operating platform, with supply chain visibility and complete crop management.

Hutchinson Mayrath is an agricultural industry leader specialized in engineering and manufacturing portable and stationary grain handling equipment including augers, chain and paddle conveyors, belt conveyors, loop systems, bin unloads and custom augers.

Through a comprehensive network of knowledgeable and highly skilled dealers, distributors and strategically located warehouse facilities Hutchinson serves both domestic and international customers. We take a collaborative approach that considers all stakeholder requirements to satisfy the unique needs of our clients.