Temporary Storage Temporary Storage


This containment system can be set up in any available space, for example, a parking lot or an open field, and can be disassembled for storage, returning the space to its originally intended use.

Long Life Span
The support legs are constructed of 3" x 3" x 1/4" hot dipped galvanized angle iron and the wall panels are formed galvanized steel.

The entire system can be easily moved from one location to another or even sold as individual storage needs change.

Cost Effective
Total system cost ranges from $0.04 to $0.20/bu.

Minimal Site Preparation
The modular design allows the system to be installed on slightly uneven surfaces. Excavation, engineered site preparation and placement of concrete or compacted fill is not required in most cases.

Minimal Freight Cost
Complete 100' x 300' x 4' containment wall system can be shipped on one truck. (325,000 bu capacity) (80 panels vs. 4-6 concrete panels)

Pre-Assembled Panels
Just unfold the legs and bolt them in position. A 100' x 300' x 4' system can be set up in one day. (325,000 bu)

Engineered System
The wall modules are assembled in 10' long sections in sizes from 4' to 9'.

Modular Design
Allows the containment geometry to be changed easily as conditions affect the required volume.

Complete Systems
Aeration, tarps, towers and conveying components available

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