R-10 Railcar Probes


Pre-wired and pre-assembled R-10 Rail Probe 3 m (10') core type probe

2.3 m (90") extendable boom providing an 3.2 to 4.4 m (10'6" to 14'6") reach

Main mast assembly constructed from 41 x 41 x 607 cm (16" x 16" x 239") square tubing with a 122 x 122 cm (48" x 48") base plate


Hydraulics - Top of the line Bosch brand direct drive pump. Custom manifold with pressure gauge, speed controls on the rotational drive, cross port relief for accurate stopping, speed controls on the up/down cylinder, pressure reducing valve on the down motion for added protection, and counter balance valve for safety. Hydraulic power unit specs: 10 HP (7.5 kW) pump, 38 l/min (10 gpm), adjustable to 13,790 kPa (2,000 psi), with a 57 L (15 gallon) reservoir.

Electrical - Panels are pre-wired by a UL certified shop using all UL listed components. Emergency disconnect is a standard feature. Motor starters and fuse protection provided in a NEMA 4 control panel. Hydraulic power units available in 240V Single Phase, 240/480V Three Phase, and 380V Three Phase with 120V Single Phase sources required for vacuum system/control voltage.

Controls - Dual joystick control module with 15 m (50') control cable.

Sample Collection - 6.7 kg (1/4 bushel) chamber with Plexiglass window and balanced gasket door. Sample Collection - 6.7 kg (1/4 bushel) chamber with Plexiglass window and balanced gasket door.

Vacuum System - One vacuum to provide positive air flow and one vacuum to provide negative air flow to the core probe. Specs: 2.9 m3/min (102.7 CFM) - 5 cm (2") orifice, 279 cm (110") WC.

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