Agricultural Heavy-Duty En-Masse Drag Conveyors


Union Iron's "mega" conveyor is a heavy-duty chain conveyor designed to handle the most severe applications for many years of trouble-free service.

15,000 to 60,000 bu/hr (2,000 t/hr)

Conveyor sides and bottoms are equipped with 3/8" plate A.R. steel liners for extended life. 18" tall side liners are standard construction. All components are jig welded to assure interchangeability, further ensured by strict Union Iron inspection.

Standard Features

  • Heavy angle iron chain return with A.R. caps
  • Heavy-duty conveyor chain with UHMW flights
  • Split and hardened tail sprocket
  • Split and hardened head sprocket
  • Split tail housing
  • Split head housing
  • Fabricated take-up frames and center pull bearings
  • All standard "off the shelf" components
  • 11 GA housing with 3/8" A.R. side liners and bolted 3/8" A.R. bottom
  • All pillow block head design
  • Heavy-duty reinforced bearing supports

Drive over pass conveyor line option. Available 12-21 series.

Contact Information

198 Commerce Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Toll-free: 1-866-467-7207