Model SP3A Plus


  • SP3A PLUS Main Unit
  • Motor Mount
  • 1HPO {0.76kW} Motor
  • Hatch Brackets
  • Pulleys and A51 V-Bel*t
  • Spreader Hanger Straps
  • Belt Guard
  • Spreader Pans with Fins & Covers Mounted
  • Motor Guard
  • Pan Adjusting Tool

*NOTES: The motor pulley supplied with a 2-step pulley. The small step to be used for bins 30-feet {9.144m} in diameter and smaller. The large step is for bins larger than 30-feet {9.144m} in diameter.

Model SP4 and SP4S

  • Model SP4 spreads bin diameters of 37-feet to 60-feet {11.28m to 18.29m}
  • Model SP4S spreads bin diameters of 36-fee6t {10.97m} or less


  • Spreader Funnel
  • Driven Pulley
  • Flow Control
  • Motor Mount
  • Gates
  • Hanger Brackets
  • Spreader Pans
  • Pan Adjusting Tool
  • V-Belts B x 65
  • Grain Deflectors

Not Included

  • 1725 to 1800 RPM Motor
  • Motor Pulley (See Requirement Chart Below)