10-Inch U-Trough Power Sweep 10-Inch U-Trough Power Sweep


Simple. Robust. Reliable.

9:1 Reduction Drive -

  • Belt Driven
  • Adjustable weight configurations to match bin size
  • Long life rubber tire
  • Deflector plate allows for cleaning close to bin wall
  • Optional on 8” models
  • Optional on 10” models for 18-foot and 33-foot diameter bins
  • Standard on 10-inch models, 36-foot diameter bins and larger

4:1 Reduction Wheel

  • Direct gear drive
  • Simple construction
  • Available for all 8-inch models
  • Standard on 10-inch models up to 33-foot diameter bins

Center Wells

  • Oversized to prevent plugging
  • Simplified maintenance with easy access to all service points
  • Gear box shielding is tapered to improve grain flow

Center Well Gearboxes

  • All gearboxes are made at NECO
  • Internal clutch for ease in engaging
  • External oil fill tube for easy access and maintenance
  • The tapered gearbox shaft allows for easy alignment of underbin auger

Rack & Pinion

  • Heavy duty
  • Delivers a robust 2,100 lbs of gate pull
  • Easy pull and pin configuration allows for quick control of the unload center hopper and intermediate wells
  • Standard of all 10-inch models, optional on 8-inch models

E-Z Off Motor Mount

  • No tools required to remove top channel
  • Allows motor to be stored off-site or power several systems with the same motor
  • Galvanized construction prevents corrosion and rusting
  • Meets all mount requirements
  • Available for all unload augers up to 30 HP

U-Trough Power Sweep

  • Radius formed galvanized trough fits under most drying floors as it needs only 12-inches of clearance
  • Offered in 10-inch for bin diameters or 30-feet to 60-feet
  • Horizontal or 25-degree fixed angle discharge included

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