Hi-Tech Rice Whitener


The Brand new PRIME SERIES Hi-Tech rice whitener machines introduced by has been developed to assure the optimized performance to reduce the process loss and better milling. These models are user-friendly in operation and installation. The concept of this machine is designed with our many years of experience in rice milling. These unique designs are versatile concept for all variety of paddy processing.

Working Concept: The brown rice enters through an inlet and the feed screw will distribute evenly from its spiral threads into the polishing chamber. A set of conical shaped abrasive wheels and metal screens are positioned vertically in such a way that the bran will be removed with little friction. There will be a set of brakes between the screen to change the rice grain rotation. Grains will get polished while passing from top to bottom. The rice grains will get polished and the outer layer called bran will be removed gently.

Due to its uniqueness in the abrasive wheel’s shape and position, the rice breakage and tip breakage will be very minimal which will enhance the final yield. A common hand wheel provided to adjust the parallel gap between grinding wheels and all brake at a time.

When the diameter of the abrasive wheels wears-out beyond the limit, the entire grinding wheel assembly can be lifted-up to maintain the gap between screen & grinding. This will enhance the utilization of wheels for optimum level.


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