Grain Blender with Ribbon Mixer and Filling


The brand-new PRIME Series Blending machine with ribbon mixer and filling introduced by AGI Milltec has been developed to assure the best possible performance combined with a user-friendly operation and installation. The concept of this machine is designed with our many years of experience in grain processing field. This unique design is versatile and can handle all variety of finished/semi-finished product.

Working Concept: This machine is a mechatronics type of machine. The performance is controlled and measured by the combination of mechanical, pneumatic & PLC system. This machine contains HMI display to set the required blending percentage and mixing time.

Controller automatically set the machine for desired Blending value & accordingly weighing bin measure the product with the help of load cell. If set value is achieved, weighing bin open and the product is discharged into the ribbon mixer. Our efficient ribbon mixer mixes the product till complete homogeneity is achieved. Once mixing is complete, the bagging attachment allows to bag the product to required weighment.

Salient Features:

  • Blending, mixing and bagging can be achieved in single station.
  • Eliminates usage of multiple elevators & packing machine thus making it very
  • efficient and economical.
  • PLC controlled automation system (programmable logic controller)
  • Product mixing % can be controlled as per requirement.
  • Data can be stored in pen drive
  • Simple calibration process
  • Touch screen colour HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Product delivered with calibration certificate from NABL approved labs.

Capacity and performance of the machine will vary based on the density & contaminations of product. All above measurement is done with the rice of the density 750 kg/m³.

MILLTEC Blending Machine Video