MEGA Series Color Sorter

Rejection Ratio 1:50@ 5% dark contamination Image
Rejection Ratio 1:50@ 5% dark contamination

Value for Money Color Sorting Solution with Snipper Technology 3.0 and Shape Sorting Feature

  • 16200 Pixels micron HD RGB Cameras
  • Fast response maglev ejectors with 10 billion life cycles
  • Reverse & size sorting
  • Optional 4-time sorting for better carry-over ratio
  • Sniper technology- target located rejection for better carry-over ratio
  • High performance to cost
  • Simplified UI system with more user-friendly HMI
  • Intelligent dust removal system

Multi Chrome Cameras:

  • Multichromatic 16200-pixel high speed micron HD cameras with excellent scanning rate.
  • Double vision scanning system to detect the slightest difference up to 0.01mm
  • Spectral confocal 2.0 low distortion HD lens and light ultra-clear colour sensor
  • Equipped with reverse sorting & size sorting methodology


  • 7th Generation FPGA Processing with auto intelligent digital image sorting technology.
  • Product scanning speed of 35000 lines/sec.
  • Sniper technology and target location system for removal of pinpoint and better carry over ratio
  • Auto calibration feature with auto setting & auto sorting control.
  • High brightness adjustable cool LED lighting systems with life span of 120,000 Hrs.
  • Self –diagnosis and memorization of different scanned products.
  • PLC centralized control system
  • PID inlet feeder control system
  • Intelligent dust removal system

Graphic panel:

  • 15 “Linux based user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) with Online Support System
  • Image capturing systems with 200 profiles storage that enables quick machine settings.

Maglev Ejectors:

  • Maglev technology ejectors 3.0 with fast response time of 0.8 milliseconds, 3.8 mm nozzle and lifetime of 10 billion Cycles.
  • Upgraded with quality ejector feedback system that can monitor the ejections.


  • Anodized chutes having smooth surface to facilitate the even flow of the material.
  • Heating provision for chutes to avoid choking of material.


Technical Specifications: