Commercial Klean Sweep Commercial Klean Sweep


The Mayrath Commercial Klean Sweep is the most economical solution for bin diameters up to 120’ (36.6 m ).

  • Sweep Tractor drive standard for 1214 models (optional on 1012 models)
  • New carrier design provides added support for flight in 48’ (14.6 m) or larger bins on 810 and 1012 models
  • Intermediate flight bearings every 10‘ (3.1 m) or less running length of flight
  • 1214 model provide a sweep carrier in 68’ (20.7 m) or larger bins 810 and
  • 1012 Series Sweeps re-designed with 2.25:1 double gearbox drive to position sweep closer to the bin floor

Key Features

  • Splice Plate - Newly designed splice plate for added strength
  • Double Gearbox - New double gearbox gets sweep closer to the bin floor
  • Sweep End-Wheel - Sweep End-Wheel retrofit kits available for 810 and 102 Series models

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