Extended Wear Bin Unloading Package Extended Wear Bin Unloading Package


Protect your investment by significantly prolonging flighting life in extreme conditions with the upgrade package for both Standard and Commercial bin unload systems.


  • ¼” flight on under-bin augers
  • ⅜” flight on horizontal power heads
  • ¼” and AR sectional flight on sweeps
  • ¼” and Ar sectional flight on verticals
  • ¼” and AR sectional flight on 25° unload systems and VAAC

In 25° and variable angle unload systems, a separate flighted U-joint collar is used in the transition. The flighted U-joint collar pulls grain through the transition, resulting in:

  • Improved capacity
  • Extended lift of the unload flight
  • Extended lift of the U-joint
  • Extended lift of the incline flight
  • Serviceable and replaceable

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