Swing-Away Augers


HX | MX Series

The HX and MX Series features over 75 farm-proven performance enhancements including a heavy-duty scissor-lift frame, commercial strength trussing and low-profile hopper.

  • Features a scissor-lift frame and cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying while the auger is in use at the bin
  • Commercial strength cable or steel trussing, depending on the model, allows the auger to be easily aligned and placed into position without swaying or bowing during use
  • For wide variety of operation heights and uses, the 74’, 84’, 94’ lengths maximize capacity without sacrificing commodity
  • Get the job done fast with 11,500 bph for maximum capacity
  • Choose which model suits your farm best: power swing in hydraulic or electric format
  • For easy unloading of commodity, the Hopper and Hopper Lift Arm position the hopper on either side of the auger 

Remote 12 VDC Electric Drive Kit

Smart 3

The SMART3™brings you the best of our SMART1+™ and SMART2™remotes.

Switch between applications with the Select button, only cycling between those you’ve installed (each channel is labeled, and the active one will be lit up). A patent-pending flip-style lid provides protection for the buttons, prevents accidental operation and shuts off the transmitter to save battery life. The

SMART3™ can be used in standard “press-and-hold” style on any Shur-Co® electric system, but a connection to the motor encoder is required for Express mode operation. This remote provides automatic turn-off if a stall condition is detected. It uses two AAA batteries for longer life, and the battery compartment lid removes with a single screw for easy access.

Same popular features as SMART1+™:

  • 5-Channel Operation – Switch between Applications w/Select Button (Active Channel will be Lit Up)
  • Flip-Style Lid Prevents Accidental Operation, Shuts Off after 3 Minutes of Inactivity to Save Battery Life
  • Allows Turn-Off of Unused Channels
  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries for Longer Battery Life
  • Configures to Momentary Mode (Press-and-Hold) or Express Mode (Press-and-Release, Automatic)
  • Provides Auto Turn-Off if Stall Condition is Detected

Plus these added features:

  • Improved Range, Comparable to SMART2™
  • Bluetooth Capabilities Allow You to Update and Customize Devices w/Your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Easily Pairs w/External Receiver Buttons – No Need to Remove Receiver Cover


Smart 2

The SMART2™ remote gives precision Express mode control of our complete line, displaying real-time positioning. With it, you can control over 100 devices from more than 100 feet away.

Operate Shur-Co’s 4500 Series HD, AutoTrap™, ProTrap® and LiteALL™ LED work lights from the comfort of your cab. It’s advanced motor protection – you’ll know right away if a motor slows or stalls. And it’s safe! The transmitter has a built-in emergency shut-off; close the patent-pending flip-style lid and whatever is running stops immediately.

The SMART2™ is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic and features a 2 1/2-inch digital screen that’s backlit for night operation. This remote doesn’t just open or close chosen applications – it lets you specify exact positioning! Automatically open tarps away from the stops to save on wear and tear and maintenance. Or open traps based on capacity of the elevator pits.

Key Features

  • SMART2™ Remote – Controls SMART2™ LiteALL™ and 12-volt SMARTrailer™ electric accessories, with digital feedback on whether or not the light is on or off. Deactivates when cover is closed or after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Charging Cradle
  • 12-Volt Car-Style Charging Cable


LiteAll (Standard with Shurco Drive Kit)

A perfect combination of affordability, durability and functionality! Complete 12-volt system is specifically designed for use with our SMART2™ or SMART3™ remotes. It lets you work into the night with LED high-intensity flood beams on hinged brackets for easy adjustment.

LiteALL’s work lights are set into hinged mounting brackets that swivel forward and back, and the 20-foot extension cable provides added adaptability. Built-in flexibility accommodates manual operation using the trailer-mounted control module. Specifications: IP67 waterproof rating, 1600 lumens, 24-watt output, 1.8-amp draw and 30,000 hours estimated life.

Key Features

  • Work Lights – High-intensity LED flood beam in hinged bracket swivels to direct light. 13-foot power cord has automotive-style quick connections.
  • Control Module
  • SMART2™ or SMART3™ Remote – SMART-touch technology for precision control of Shur-Co® electrics! The SMART2™ remote offers 2-way communication in an easy-to-read digital display. The SMART3™ has the original SMARTransmitter’s basic 5-way interface plus additional features.
  • 20′ Extension Cable – Two-conductor 16-gauge cable provides additional positioning flexibility for LiteALL™ flood beams. Automotive-style quick connections make for easy installation of wiring.



  • Transmitter options include either a SHUR-CO® exclusive 5-channel or 100-channel system
  • The SMART3D brings you the best of our SMART1 and SMART2D remotes.
  • Switch between applications with the Select button, only cycling between those you’ve installed (each channel is labeled, and the active one will be lit up). A patent-pending flip-style lid provides protection for the buttons prevents accidental.
  • Optional LiteALL ™ light kits

Additional Features

  • Manual controls for wheel motor and option light kit
  • SMART2™ Transmitter for remote control shown with charging cradle
  • SHUR-CO™ Exclusive Transmitter (see options on this page) includes drive motor and wheel kit, tractor wiring kit and 10’ wiring kit. Photo shown without motor cover for clarity.
  • Optional illuminating Hopper Light Kit