Custom Controls - Design and Integration

Corporate Solutions for Complete Control

If your business needs automation and control to mix or batch your product, look no further. Junge Control has solutions for organizations needing blending equipment for ag, aerial, chemical and fuel applications.

If you’re batching and mixing by hand, you’re wasting time, materials and money. Help your bottom line with precision automation from Junge. Whether it’s an adjustment of our existing equipment or an entirely new product, Junge can put you in control.

Customize Your Control

Control your entire process—start to finish—with Junge controls, equipment and software. We’ll design and integrate a system that works for you—and your bottom line.

Our custom systems come with low-maintenance, easy-to-use control systems so you can automatically and remotely operate your blending system.

When you purchase a Junge Control system, all the equipment you needs is included—the solenoid box, the junction box, the exhaust system and more.

Choose from one of two proven Junge Control software systems that measure actual weights, record transactions, reduce shrink and integrate with your other software programs.

Learn about corporate solutions we’ve developed:

AG Input Manufacturers

Junge is proud to partner with several ag input manufacturers to develop automated batching and mixing solutions for chemical, fertilizer and seed applications.

Our team designed, built and now repairs the following systems for these partners:

Contact Junge to see how we can help your corporate ag input manufacturer.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Automation and Control for Your Product

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that need automation and control for their products, look to Junge Control.

Our team of expert engineers and programmers excels at designing automation and control solutions for weighing and blending equipment in the agriculture, aerial and fuel industries.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a complete product—automation, software and equipment—or just individual components. Much of our work is with companies that have developed their own equipment, but need Junge Control to develop the automation and software.

All Junge automation starts with the Junge Command Center, a powerful system from which you can run your entire operation.

Junge implements easy-to-use touch-screen software for simple, efficient operation.

Junge’s engineers can design and build measuring and blending solutions that integrate with our easy-to-use automation and control systems.

Learn about two of the more than 100 OEM systems we have developed for our partners:


When the makers of Convey-All needed controls and software for their seed and grain transfer conveyors, they partnered with Junge Control.

Junge developed a customized, integrated automation solution for the Convey-All, which is now installed at farms and mills across the country.

Junge’s Convey-All solution allows operators to run the conveyor system without risk of error or risk of harm. Convey-All can accurately measure and distribute the proper amount of seed and grain with increased efficiency.


A seed care industry visionary noticed that their customers needed better a system to automate and deliver locally prescriptive treatment slurries to batches of seeds.

Junge worked with Agrilead, Inc to develop the NOVO—from controls and software to the actual equipment.

NOVO empowers seed-treating operators to prescriptively deliver on-demand seed care without the mixing and calculation challenges associated with traditional methods.

The NOVO’s programmability that Junge developed allows managers and operators to carefully plan treatments ahead of time. All operators have to do is 1) select the prescription, 2) indicate the number of seeds per pound and 3) enter the number of units to treat. Once that information is completed, NOVO takes over and executes with precision.

With the Junge software and controls, NOVO creates a report that satisfies business, agronomic and regulatory recordkeeping functions.


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