Unattended Loadout

Take Control with an Around-the-Clock Assistant

With Junge’s Unattended Loadout, truck drivers can load their trucks using an automated, user-friendly system—without the help of your employees—so you save time and money.

The Unattended Loadout software integrates with your other Junge products through your command center. It can also integrate with SSI, Agris, Control, Agvision and other accounting systems.

Unattended Loadout Features

  • 24-7 loading capabilities
  • Operator-friendly, touch-screen interface
  • Preprogrammed formulas
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Automatic split-load capabilities
  • Inventory recording
  • Load data collection
  • Abort button
  • Unlimited ticket reprinting
  • Opportunity for upgrades and expansion

Optional Add-Ons

  • Bill of lading capabilities
  • Security system integration
  • A printer or multiple printing locations
  • Remote start and pause
  • Remote air blow or bleed line
  • Remote access
  • OPW level sensor

How Unattended Loadout Works

  1. Driver inputs load information or ticket
  2. Truck is filled
  3. Computer records load
  4. Ticket is printed
  5. Ticket is send to accounting

If you’re looking to improve productivity at your facility, contact us about Unattended Loadout.