Departure Link Aerial System

Less Fill Time, More Air Time

As the demand for aerial application grows, so does the need for technology to streamline processes. Junge Control has solutions that do just that. Our aerial solutions make measuring, blending and recording activities faster, easier and more accurate—saving  you valuable time and money.

More Accuracy, Fewer Errors

If your measuring system has even a 2-5% error rating, which is typical, you could be losing $6,000 - $15,000 per day. Junge’s aerial measuring systems have a 0% error rating—making us the most accurate in the industry.

Departure Link

Departure Link is our most robust aerial equipment, best for high-volume aerial application businesses. It is currently running at numerous sites and has proven cost-effective and efficient.

  • Ability to hand-add products
  • Mini-bulk hookups
  • Blends up to 30 ingredients
  • Manages and prints records

Take control of your aerial application blending today. Contact us to find the solution that works for you.