Low Temperature Propane/Natural Gas Heaters Low Temperature Propane/Natural Gas Heaters


24 hour, low temperature grain drying.

Low temperature supplemental heaters allow 24 hour grain drying when high humidity conditions prevail. The heater is easily installed between the fan and bin.

  • 200,000 btu models raise air temperature approximately 25-30°C 
  • Easily installed between in-line or high speed centrifugal fans and grain bins 
  • Lowers humidity by up to 50%


  • 60,000 btu available in 9" x 14" or 18" round (3HP fan) 
  • 100,000 btu available in 9" x 14" or 24" round (5HP & 7HP fans)
  • 200,000 btu available in 12" x 17" or 28" round (10HP fans)
  • Propane or natural gas (operate on lbs. pressure only)
  • Electronic ignition
  • Static pressure switch
  • High heat limit safety switch
  • CGA approved

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