Know Your Data Story


There’s no doubt about it - more and more growers are relying on data to make better, informed decisions. But data is complex, and it can seem overwhelming. We get that. So where do you start? Make it easy on yourself and start with Farmobile. Farmobile is the first, and easiest step in working toward building a connected farm. Knowing your data, and using it, is as simple as 1-2-3.

With Farmobile, you get true, real-time, interoperable, crop data that documents every pass on your field, allowing you to plan more strategically, and collaborate with your team. Whether you’re new to using data or a seasoned data user, Farmobile makes it easy for you to create a system of record for your crop.

Every crop and farm fleet has a story to tell. Do you know your data story? Let Farmobile tell it for you. With Farmobile, you can create a digital system of record for field + fleet data.


  • Field and machine
  • Real-time 
  • Iron Neutral 
  • FREE Cellular 
  • Self-install 


  • LIVE & historic data
  • 24/7 Data export
  • On-demand sharing
  • Machine & worked acre reports
  • Customize heat maps
  • Direct stream into SureTrack & other systems


First 50 to book a demo will get a FREE hat!