What We Do

We specialize in design and construction of process and packaging line systems. DANMARE can work on behalf of the client or as part of the client’s team to ensure successful project design and implementation. Our project management techniques are focused to provide solutions that are safe, on time, and within budget. Our strength is our ability to work with our clients in a constructive and flexible manner while considering all stakeholder requirements and the long term sustainability of the project.

We have extensive experience with continuous improvement projects, new lines within existing facilities, and on green field projects.

Our Services

Whether starting from the ground up or working to streamline an existing operation, the team at Danmare brings a flexible, communicative approach to every engineering project. Our professional engineering services, which include equipment specifications, process design, feasibility studies and more, can be integrated with our project management capabilities for a complete solution.
Backed by a proven track record of projects completed on time and within budget, we understand the nuances and the big picture of successful project management. Our depth of knowledge in the food industry allows us to handle every phase of a project, or step into a more limited role when that’s what our client needs most.
Depending on client needs, we can design a new packaging system or evaluate an existing one – in each case striving for optimal efficiency and maintainability. We utilize powerful visualization tools to highlight any opportunity to improve safety or productivity.
Danmare provides the data and unique industry insight for clients to make informed decisions about their operations. Take your organization confidently into the future with the help of our master planning services, including detailed analysis of current operations, concept development and projections for growth.
With significant experience working on new and existing facilities in the food industry, Danmare has developed the team, methodologies and technical know-how to streamline the execution of any project. We take a collaborative approach based on open communication and a clear understanding of expectations to help you better manage project costs, personnel and resources.
Danmare provides commissioning and validation services for both new and existing facilities in the food market. By getting involved early in a new project, we can ensure that the facility and the operating procedure are on track to achieve the ultimate goal of validation.
Our installation and construction services are designed to cultivate an environment of safety, efficiency and accountability while reducing demands on the client. At Danmare, we build on extensive experience in the field of engineering to streamline the completion of project tasks and eliminate delays.
For “Brownfield” Projects, Danmare utilizes the latest in 3D scanning technology to ensure highest of accuracy for project drawings to minimize field issues. All projects are then modeled in 3D, it ensure a clear understanding of the project plan and layout.