AdaptaNet Active Card Kit


AdaptaNet provides automatic bus network fault detection and isolation that immediately identifies and isolates faulty sensors without network disruption.  The new AdaptaNet technology resides in our existing Field Interconnect Boxes (FIB) and is a drop-in replacement for our existing FIB boards.  The internal RJ-11 sensor port connections have also been reconfigured to isolate speed, such that a grounded temperature sensor cannot disrupt an entire bus converter network.

All FIBs are now manufactured to be AdaptaNet ready and are shipped with the new internal board designed to accept the optional AdaptaNet card that simply slides into place (See images for more information).  All existing and new CMC HazMon systems can accept both the new and old FIB cards seamlessly.  

See the HMC009 Kit and mTB006 for more information on AdaptaNet ready FIBs.

Upgrading Existing Systems

Replace the old FIB internal board with the new FIB internal board (part #11545-1) and add the AdaptaNet active card kit (part #11760).  

Upgrading New Systems

Install the AdaptaNet active card kit (part #11760). 

See the image below for more information on how to do the change out.

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