On-Farm Safe Storage Assessment


What should you expect from your visit?

Our partnerships are important, both with Grower Strategic Sourcing and you, the grower.  Our number one priority is sharing insights to improve your in-bin grain management.

Our commitment to you includes:

  • Our storage specialist will be respectful of your time.
  • Professional storage consultation at no cost. A storage specialist will utilize the best modeling tools and expertise in the industry.
  • Your plan for success. Each grower will receive a simple, actionable plan that will create results.

What is included in an on-farm storage assessment:

  • Aeration Inspection: Review fans and vents on your bins
  • Aeration Modeling: Use your weather and your bin specification to test bin performance. Know 100% the capabilities and limitations of your grain storage.
  • Review University Guidelines: See safe storage information for YOUR commodities in YOUR area.
  • Learn Best Storage Practices: See how practices can increase profit potential.
  • Set Storage Goals: Create a clear road map to increase efficiency.
  • Demonstration of AGI Products: No pressure, look at how AGI products work for you.

Grower questions answered:

  • Do I have the correct fan CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) to reach my marketing/conditioning targets?
  • How can my storage be improved to limit loss?
  • Am I getting the most out of my storage?
  • Can I increase profits with conditioned storage?
  • Can I increase drying efficiency?
  • What is safe when it comes to hydrating? And how much money am I leaving on the table?

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