AGI C-Line En-Masse Chain Conveyor


The AGI C-Line en-masse chain conveyor is suitable for farm applications and some light commercial applications. The AGI C-Line en-masse chain conveyors can handle whole grains up to 11,000 bph and lengths to 150 ft. in horizontal arrangements or at slight inclines.


  • Galvanized sheet-metal design
  • V-belt, shaft mount drives (class I or II)
  • Pillow-block bearings
  • 81-series chain
  • UHMW-lined center return rail
  • UHMW shaft seals


  • End relief/inspection door
  • Head and intermediate discharge gates with operators
  • Lined and unlined discharge transitions
  • Cleanout flighting
  • Return cups
  • Short-pitched flighting
  • Abrasion-resistant bottoms and liners

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