Dust Filters


Product at a Glance
Dust Filters are used to manage air from material handling and process equipment and prevent dust escaping from that equipment into the surrounding plant area.

Product Applications
AGI dust Filters have two applications; as spot filters to control dust on individual equipment or small systems and retain any dust collected within that system and as an air assist on the AGI FLEXMill Hammer Mill.

AGI Advantage
AGI Dust Filters are simple and effective. An externally mounted fan provides negative air that is drawn through the filter media. Compressed air is used to periodically back flush and clean the filter media. Typically dust particles removed from the filter media are deposited into the product stream from which it was drawn to reduce losses and cross contamination.


  • Available in 500 CFM with 1.5 HP fan and 1,000 CFM with 3 hp fan models
  • Vacuum Gauge to monitor pressure drop across the filter
  • Pulse Valve for compressed air cleanout